how am i gonna be an optimist about this? how am i gonna be an optimist about this?


behind the scenes of an unexpected journey: a summary




These wisdom teeth are dumb they haven’t even helped me with ONE math question hello? I thought these things were supposed to be wise.

James Phelps having some troubles as an assistant director 


ASK31:Holmes brother’s daily life.

Totally boring…

Who’d want me for a flatmate?

I thought I’d lost you…


Just think about it - a Donna Noble mini-series to coincide with Capaldi’s season!

Imagine this: Donna Noble is at home one day and is approached by an amnesiac young man who fires some device at her. This causes her to suffer neurological shock (or some other equally plausible-sounding plot device), and as a result, she rises - The reborn Doctor Donna.

Through a series of regular injections to keep the psychic backlash at bay, and with the young man as her companion, Donna grows her own TARDIS and sets off with an imperative mission - to find The Doctor and enlist his help to save her from herself. Along the way, she tries to find clues to the Doctor’s whereabouts (he having deleted himself off every database), and helps out people in need across the universe. Mistakenly believing that The Doctor dies on Trenzalore, she decides to see her Doctor (the 10th Doctor) again in Pompeii.

Meanwhile, the 12th Doctor, in between searching for Gallifrey, hears rumours about a “Noble Doctor” who’s been saving people across the galaxy. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together far too late, he traces, and follows, her TARDIS back to Pompeii. There, Donna’s companion’s past is revealed - he is The Master, acting on the orders of Rassilon and managing to slip through the cracks between universes from Gallifrey. He engineered the entire deception in order to interfere with The Doctor’s personal history and the fixed point in time, wagering that exploding three TARDISes, killing The Doctor and Donna in their present and past incarnations, and destroying the Earth would be enough to widen the cracks between the universes and bring Gallifrey home.

There begins the epic finale and crossover that ends with The Master’s memories being wiped and sent, with Donna’s TARDIS on a one way trip, to the end of Earth’s timeline and his Time Lord persona within a fob watch (and setting in motion the events of Utopia). Donna succumbs to injuries caused by her exertions, and waves off The Doctor’s efforts at helping her, telling him that she would rather die than return to her dreary existence as a normal human. This time, she says, it’s her choice. The Doctor grieves, determined to bring back Gallifrey in a way that no one else has to die, and remembering Donna Noble - his partner, his intellectual equal…and most of all, his mate.

What do you guys think?

This idea is not my own, but originated from here.


most heartbreaking moments of doctor whoturn left

Labour camps. That's what they called them last time. It's happening again.